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Construction & Management Services Overview

All images are provided with an electronically searchable index file for ease of future use and import into a photographic database. They are shot using authentication procedures that enable us to prove whether any image taken by us has been altered, by providing digital provenance.

As specialists in record and evidential photography we are better able to judge what should be included in a picture compared to a typical commercial photographer who will generally be looking at the subject as an artistic picture.

We do not run expensive studios nor undertake wedding, advertising or other commercial photography, so our costs are controlled.

We provide our full range of Services primarily for commercial and business clients. We also provide insurance inventory, insurance claims and construction progress photography for domestic clients.

This site gives brief details of the Services that we offer; please use the menu-bar above or the links below. We provide both Standard and Extended Services; more details are available by contacting us here.

If you require a record and evidential photography Service that is not listed on this site, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We will do our best to assist.