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Building site example 1

One of our principal fields of operation is in the recording of progress in construction and engineering contracts.

These projects are complex and involve many different professions, crafts and companies in their execution.  Capital expenditure is large, usually over a fairly long period.  Recovery of that expenditure may take some time.

Building site 1 - two weeks later

Design of a typical project is off site, under controlled conditions, generally in two dimensions.

Construction involves assembly of components on site, in all weathers, often in poor lighting, in three dimensions and usually by the lowest bidder.  Each project is both a prototype and the finished product. To the credit of the construction and engineering industries most finish on time and to budget, but some do not.

Typical problems include late changes of requirements, scope or specification by the client and poor resourcing or inadequate project planning by contractors or consultants.  These lead to claims for extra costs from contractors and claims for damages from clients. Resolution of these claims and counterclaims is a difficult, long and often expensive process.

The majority of claims include problems with time, as inevitably when a project meets difficulty it takes additional time to resolve. In these circumstances "a picture is worth a thousand words" and amplifies other evidence of progress during the contract. EviPix provides 21st century solutions to this need.

Where a contract runs smoothly our pictures can be used to provide an electronic "story book" of the development; a useful record, training and marketing tool.

Our Pictures

Our digital images are provided on CDR with electronic index.  Our authentication procedures and techniques allow us to prove originality, or provenance, of our images at a later date.

Demolition, site 2

Photographs are shot from the same pre-agreed viewpoint on each site session, subject to site and photographic conditions.  This enables a database to be created, allowing simple later retrieval of information.  There is no need to trawl through a pile of prints and negatives, a simple database search is all that is required.

From this database we can, for example, create timelines for each viewpoint showing how it has changed, or computer based clickable plans that show a gallery of all images taken from a particular viewpoint.

Individual images can easily be found and proven to be the image that we took on a particular day.

Normally we take high-resolution still photographs, using normal camera lenses but we can usually provide super wide-angle (panorama) shots, or panned video clips if required.

Our people

Are generally construction professionals who have digital photography expertise.  We understand what we are photographing, compared to a typical general commercial photographer who is just looking at yet another photo subject.  Our pictures will always be relevant to a particular project.

EviPix brings 21st Century technology and techniques to record and evidential photography, or as we say "Digital photography with provenance"