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High resolution photographic surveys

Over-zoomed and blocky image.

Photographic surveys of large building facades for condition or locating defects are usually unsatisfactory when single images are used. Silver halide film tends to become grainy and digital images become pixellated or blocky as in the image opposite.

Similar problems occur with other large structures. This is simply due to insufficient resolution of the imaging system used.

EviPix resolves this by taking carefully located high-resolution pictures of small areas of the structure and digitally stitching them together to form a high-resolution single image.

HiRes component image taken at the same distance.

By using appropriate viewer software clients can view the overall image and then zoom in on the required details without loss of clarity, until the limit of the individual building component images is reached.

In this way resolution compared to a single image is multiplied by the number of component pictures in the overall image.

Being able to zoom in on the detail from the overall image is far more intuitive than trying to locate the appropriate image from perhaps many taken in the survey.


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