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Diagrammatic map of St Stephens Tower (Big Ben)

Clickable Plans

We can produce clickable plans for clients. Normally we would use architects plans or Ordnance Survey digital data, but these files tend to be large and are not suited for web site use.

An example in simplified form is shown to the right, using St Stephens Tower in London. This is more commonly known as Big Ben, although that is actually the name of one of the bells.

Click on one of the viewpoints to see the photograph from that viewpoint appear on a new page. (Use the browser "back" button to return to this page.) Please note that these images have been compressed for web use and are therefore of reduced quality.

Each viewpoint can be provided with a virtual gallery of images taken from that position over time. This is most useful with construction and engineering progress photography as it shows the timeline for that project.

These plans can be produced on CD, or posted to an Internet site, as required by clients.

Click for Viewpoint 1 Click for Viewpoint 2 Click for Viewpoint 3