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Low level aerial photography

Aerial pictures give a completely different view of a landscape, building or structure, ranging from a strategic overview to a more interesting picture of a building for sale.  We offer low cost solutions tailored to different markets.

We provide images taken with a remote controlled camera on top of a hand-held pole to a maximum of about 10m high.  These are quick and easy to produce and therefore low cost.

Promotional pictures

House, taken from a elevated view point Images from our pole camera are ideal for estate agents, general marketing and for coverage of public events such as fetes and carnivals etc.  

For buildings the higher view point removes the ugly "converging sides" effect found with pictures taken from ground level. For public events the height shows a far better impression of activities compared to the clutter of people and objects at ground level"

Road access directly to the area or building to be photographed is unecessary. We can walk to the site, over considerable distance if necessary. The equipment is lightweight and easily carried.

We modify our cameras in-house so bulky and fragile laptop computers are not required to be taken with the mast for remote camera control.  Instead we use a small flat screen LCD monitor to compose the pictures through the camera lens.

Building surveys

Roofscape This service has been designed for surveyors, architects and engineers who need photographs of otherwise inaccessible places on building elevations or other structures.

Most companies offering low level aerial photography cannot get close to buildings externally due to wind, noise or impact risk.  Our pole camera can, allowing simple photographic surveys of high level elements.

Chimney flashingThis is much cheaper than scaffold or cherry picker access, and does not have the Health & Safety implications of long ladder use nor the need for, and expense of, a second person footing the ladder.   We can also incorporate our high resolution survey technology with the pole camera.


Both of the above services are available with or without our authentication procedures, as required.